Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Antigone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Antigone - Essay Example Inclined to perform her duties as a sister and a human being, Antigone defied the king’s order and went to bury her brother alone. This made the king furious of her especially when she admitted that she has done the crime of disobeying the king’s orders but has obeyed the laws of gods which she considers worthy of being obeyed above any law. The woman argued that her actions were based from common human kindness which even the king would see fit if only he considers that he is but human who commits mistakes. However the king was not bent to listen to anyone, not less a woman who disobeyed his orders. The play portrays a very moving story of a courageous woman who only wished to do what was right. Antigone disobeyed the king which made her suffer so many things such as being imprisoned and treated as a criminal and married to the grave instead of her lover, the king’s son. On the contrary, she was considered a hero in the eyes of the common people because she reflected the courage to fight injustice which none of them could have bravely shown. The woman’s character, although despised by the king, was indeed one of great value. She has her own principles founded on what is right and just and she exemplified a life worthy of honor. Her courage is rare especially at a time when tyranny rules. She did not even try to hide from people whom she knew will eventually discover her and report her to the king. When she was brought to the king’s presence, she admitted without any fear that she was the one who buried her brother. Such character is truly a noble one. Antigone did not think about herself but acted as any person would have done if there was no fear instilled in them. She believed that burying her brother was the right thing to do even if meant going against the commands of the king. She evidenced not only a kind heart but also an intelligence that made her an honorable woman. Her arguments with the king are filled with truth and wisdom which

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